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SeriesDroid S2 (Online Series)

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Phiên bản 3.5.1 1 năm trước

Mô tả của SeriesDroid S2 (Online Series)

SeriesDroid is an Android app designed to navigate through the most popular websites who offer TV shows via streaming, fast and easy.

With SeriesDroid you will be able to easily move between the wide variety of contents, play the available videos using the integrated player or your favourite player, download the episodes to your device storage to play them later without an Internet connection nor freezes, add your preferred shows to favorites, and much more!

There is no need for a web browser, with this app you will be able to access every content directly.
There is no need for Adobe Flash, this app can play all videos natively using the multiple supported video players.

More information at seriesdroid.pw

✔ HDFull
✔ Pepecine
✔ pordede.com
✔ SeriesAdicto
✔ SeriesBang
✔ SeriesBlanco
✔ SeriesDanko
✔ SeriesFLV
✔ SeriesPepito
✔ SeriesTotales
✔ Vidcorn
✔ WatchSeries
✔ yonkis.to

ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE: Necessary to detect when there is no Internet connection.
ACCESS_WIFI_STATE: Necessary to detect when there is no WiFi connection and avoid 3G consumption while downloading.
INTERNET: To get access to the Internet from the application. Essential.
READ_PHONE_STATE: To receive a notification from the system about an incoming call to pause the video playback properly.
WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: To store the downloaded videos in the device memory.

We are not the owners of the websites supported by the application and, in consequence, we are not responsible for their available content.
We do not host any audiovisual content andor links where they can be reproduced.

This application works exclusively as a client to provide a native and mobile interface for the already mentioned websites.

For any other related questions, please contact us at ioob@outlook.com

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